Auburn 2020

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Office of the City Manager

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David D. Dorton

David D. Dorton

Communications & Legislative Affairs Director

Auburn 2020 is a long-range plan established with the purpose of guiding the future of the City and setting forth new goals, policies, and programs for encouraging and influencing positive change during future years. Seven reports are presented outlining detailed strategies and goals aimed at making Auburn a better community. The reports focus on the areas of Education, Growth and Development, Intergovernmental Relations, Transportation, Utilities and Technology, Family and Community and Public Safety. The reports culminate in the establishment of 22 goals for 2020, designed to present a blueprint for Auburn's future.

The Auburn 2020 document was created with the involvement of citizen volunteers, elected officials and City staff. It is presented here in its entirety, in furtherance of Auburn's commitment to open communication with the citizens of Auburn.