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Charlsie Little

Charlsie Little

communications administrator

The Auburn Emergency Communication Center is committed to providing direct and equal access to callers with special needs.

Hearing Impaired: TTY Access

Our systems are capable of processing TTY calls. The computerized telephone system automatically recognizes a TTY call and call takers have received training in handling of TTY calls. After your TTY has been recognized by the system, the communications officers will begin to ask questions to determine the type of assistance needed. Please attempt to answer any questions the call taker may ask. Remember that the call takers have been trained to provide you with helpful instructions prior to the arrival of emergency services; therefore, do not hang up until the call taker instructs you to do so.


Limited English Speaking Callers

The Communications Center utilizes the services of LanguageLine Solutions to ensure all segments of the community have access to the emergency communications system. LanguageLine provides over-the-phone voice interpretation services utilizing a staff of interpreters capable of providing translation for more than 240 languages. When a call is received from a limited English speaking caller, our staff will initiate a conference call which takes a matter of seconds. During this three-way connection, LanguageLine identifies the language and provides the appropriate interpreter. The interpreter translates between the caller and Communications Officer.