1. Auburn Municipal Court

Auburn Municipal Court

141 N Ross St

Jim McLaughlin

Jim McLaughlin


Right to Bond

Pursuant to Sec. 15-13-1, et seq. of the Code of Alabama, all defendants have the right to post bond prior to their trial date.  Typically, an individual arrested on a new charge in the City of Auburn will be released on their own recognizance upon the execution of a signature bond, verifying that they will appear in Court on their assigned day.

There are certain classifications of arrests/arrestees that will NOT be allowed to sign their own bond and be immediately released from jail.  Individuals charged with Domestic Violence or Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol will be required to remain in jail until the statutory waiting period on those respective charges has passed; those periods are typically twenty-four (24) hours for Domestic Violence and up to twenty-four (24) hours on Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol.

Individuals who either (a) have missed a prior court date and now have a charge of Failure to Appear and/or (b) reside out-of-state will also be required to post bond on all charges prior to being released from jail.

For those above who are required to post a bond, there are three acceptable ways to post the established bond amount: cash; pay a bail bonds company to post the correct bond for the defendant; or have two Lee County property owners post a property bond on the defendant's behalf.

Cash Bonds

Cash bonds are accepted in person at the Municipal Court Clerk's Office, 141 N. Ross Street, during normal business hours.

If you are attempting to post a cash bond for someone currently incarcerated in the Lee County Jail by the City of Auburn, and wish to pay that cash bond either after normal business hours OR with a debit or credit card, you can do so by going to is an independent vendor that has contracted with the City of Auburn to add this additional option to post a cash bond. The convenience fee paid over and above the bond amount is paid solely to and is not being charged by the City of Auburn or Auburn Municipal Court.