Probation and Court Referral Services

  1. Auburn Municipal Court

Auburn Municipal Court

141 N Ross St

Jeffery Hatchett

Jeffery Hatchett

Assistant Admin/ Court Clerk

If you are placed on probation or ordered to complete drug or alcohol counseling, it is important that you take advantage of the opportunities and services that these providers offer. Not only is it a requirement you must meet in order to complete your sentence, but the requirements are also designed to help you improve your life in the long run.


The Court utilizes unsupervised probation to assist defendants in complying with the terms of their probated sentences. These terms may include completing counseling, taking and passing random drug tests, and paying fines and court costs. The Court also assists defendants in:

  • completing required theft and anger management classes;
  • retaining employment by utilizing house arrest and GPS devices in lieu of incarceration;
  • obtaining employment through a job board, resume building class and a felony jobs program;
  • obtaining GED's and/or furthering their education;
  • obtaining a driver's license and/or other forms of documentation; and
  • locating and completing acceptable community service opportunities.

If you are placed on unsupervised probation, the terms or such probation are fully explained by the Court at sentencing. All individuals on unsupervised probation shall refrain from further violations of City and state law, and must comply with any Orders of the Court.  If you have any questions at any time concerning your probation, you can simply request a hearing with the Court by appearing at the Clerk's Office and requesting a court date to discuss any issues with the Judge.

Drug and Alcohol Counseling

Most drug or alcohol related crimes in Alabama carry mandatory counseling requirements. These charges include, but are not limited to, DUI, Public Intoxication, and Possession of Marijuana. If you are convicted or found guilty of such a charge, or volunteer for one of the Court's programs, your counseling will most likely been performed by the Lee County Court Referral Office. They may be reached at 2311 Gateway Drive, Opelika, AL 36801 or by telephone at 334-737-3535.