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This site is dedicated to information on elections for which the City of Auburn is the election authority. Other elections at the County, State or Federal elections are run by the State of Alabama. Auburn voters should note that you may have to vote in a different location for County, State and Federal elections than you do for City of Auburn municipal elections. Information on this web site only applies to City of Auburn municipal elections.

Upcoming referendum to fund Auburn City Schools projects

Election Results


A referendum will take place on Tuesday, July 23, 2019, that will determine the next use of the City of Auburn’s Special 5 Mill Tax Fund. The more than 80-year-old fund has financed voter-approved projects like the construction of Parks and Recreation facilities, fire stations, infrastructure improvements and, most recently, the building of the new Auburn High School.

The July referendum will seek Auburn residents’ approval to use the Special 5 Mill Tax Fund to further invest in Auburn City Schools’ facilities. In 2018, the Auburn Board of Education approved a 10-year Facilities Master Plan. Two high-priority projects that have come out of that facilities plan are major renovations to Cary Woods Elementary School and J. F. Drake Middle School. Both facilities are in need of significant improvements, and plans include phased demolition and construction of new and expanded facilities. Auburn residents are being asked to approve a $46 million bond issuance to pay for these much-needed renovations.


The Special Five Mill Tax Fund consists of ad valorem taxes that are legally restricted to pay debt service on monies that are borrowed to finance projects that must be approved by Auburn voters. No new taxes will be considered in this election. Please note, this will be a municipal election and your voting location may be different from county or state elections.

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