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Dir of Workforce Development

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The Workforce Development Division of the Economic Development Department was formed in 2002 after two and a half years of workforce research with a mission to address the challenge of a skilled workforce in a rapidly evolving manufacturing environment. The division continually analyzes the current status of the area's workforce, makes educated decisions concerning future workforce needs, provides assistance in recruitment of new industry, and recruits, screens, interviews, and trains labor for both new and existing companies. The division also organizes and manages job-specific training for area industry through the Auburn Training Connection (ATC).

ATC is a unique partnership among Auburn area industry, Auburn University, Auburn City Schools, the City of Auburn, and the Industrial Development Board of the City of Auburn. ATC was established as a non-profit corporation in 2000. The ATC Board is made up of three representatives from local industry, two government officials, and two education officials. ATC is a recipient of eight regional, national, and international awards in workforce development.

ATC programs include: ongoing training tailored specific to needs of local industry; Auburn High School's Career Technical Education curriculum (skill sets taught are defined by area industry); Dual credit courses (college credit for high school courses); and the Industrial Systems and Maintenance program.

The Auburn Training Connection meets on the third Thursday of each month. If you are interested in joining the ATC, or you would like to submit an agenda item for an upcoming ATC meeting, please contact Dr. Amy Brabham, Director of Workforce Development (see contact info below).